Who we are

We keep workplaces, working

Complete Management Solutions (CMS) is the new name in the management of organizations workplaces, Complete Management Solutions is solely dedicated to supporting business professionals deliver their core services to their clients through efficient, effective and exemplary managed work environments. We have developed personalized, innovative, fresh and intelligent solutions that enable our clients’ people to deliver on both their top line performance targets and bottom line earnings objectives.

We have taken our vast experience in working with some pretty tough customers and developed a method of working that strips away layers of unnecessary bureaucracy and management. We rolled up our sleeves, put on our thinking caps and developed a new, fresh, efficient way of working better, smarter and more cost effectively for you – our client.

We recognize that your reputation is the heart of your business and we assist you in ensuring that your office is a welcoming environment for your people, your guests, your colleagues, and your business partners. We can ensure that we make it easy for you to make a copy, mail a letter or store a document.  Whether your written word is on paper or on a screen; we can assist you to communicate and collaborate.

We create highly personalized service that blends our client’s unique needs and cultures with our own quest for exemplary, efficient and effective service solutions. We promote team work, transparency, diversity, trust and mutual respect between our clients, our people and our communities in which we live and operate. We strive to deliver innovative solutions that provide value for our clients, while also giving personal satisfaction and pride to our employees.

As a family owned and operated business, we respect and truly value the leadership of our senior management team.

We deliver consistent services through the stability and experience of the balance of family, long-term executives and managers results in a group of professionals that have years of experience conveying our ethos to our people, and delivering that in practice to our customers.

We pride ourselves in keeping it simple and real for our customers.

CMS is a specialist provider of workplace services, basically and quite simply, we assist our customer’s make their workplaces WORK.  We feel that our no nonsense, pragmatic approach makes us the right choice for like-minded organizations.