We utilize our technology to enhance the level of service, the efficiency and overall client experience our people can provide your people.

Our technology is not an end to itself, neither is it a product, but rather simply an electronic tool box that allows our solutions to thrive creating for you a workplace that works.

The intelligent utilization of the right technology for your support service solutions enables our people to anticipate the needs of your people; often before they even recognize the need themselves.

My Mobile Manager

We have developed an open source mobile platform that we utilize to connect our services and solutions with our people and yours. Our mobile platform, called My Mobile Manager, is not a product that we sell or even license to our customers, it’s rather simply part of our overall solution for our customers.

We utilize My Mobile Manager to provide reports that enable us to better manage the workplace. We measure our success or failures on a real-time pro-active basis, as each of our people working on your site has my mobile manager in the palm of their hand on their mobile device. It’s how we communicate, it’s how we get the job done, and it’s how we measure our services against your requirements and expectations.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

~ Peter Drucker

Business Intelligence

We take the management of information on how our solutions are performing for you very seriously. In the absence of accurate, timely information, an efficient and effective workplace can simply not be achieved. We use My Mobile Manager as not only as collection device for business information, but also as a storage, analytical measurement, collaboration and communication tool.

Our performance is your business

A connected workplace

We all connect to achieve our single mission, to keep your workplaces working.



We share with others and work as one team

We not only utilize our Mobile Manager to give our people a connected platform to actively communicate, but also make it available to your other service partners and/or in-house work teams. Our goal is a connected workplace. We look to work in partnership with complementary service providers and/or your own work teams that are providing or managing a service. We all connect to achieve our single mission, to keep your workplaces working.

The uses for My Mobile Manager are virtually limitless

Some typical technology solutions that you may desire on our mobile platform may include;

  • Intelligent mail package and asset tracking
  • Reception visitor & event management
  • Conference & meeting room management
  • Shared space management (hoteling)
  • Inventory management Mission (task) management
  • Implementation and project management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Real-time communication with team members